Vision & Mission


To create a society of progressive thinking individuals who will contribute to the intellectual development of the global community by initiating positive changes in the social fabric, in the technology and administration of our lives and businesses, and in the approaches employed to realize individual and collective aspirations


We aim to help a child realize his own unique potential. We intend to provide an education which develops the child’s physical , emotional , intellectual & spiritual personality thereby leading to an increasing satisfaction & success in individual living as also collective living , socially , nationally and internationally.

Our Endeavour is to impart education which looks beyond the frontiers of formal education.

We aim to realize our mission by

Offering a creative, caring, innovative, stress-free and harmonious learning environment for children.

Imparting quality education through opportunities to discover, explore & experiment with hands-on material.

Providing a lively curriculum which is practical in approach, innovative in methods, scholarly in content and global in scope.

Developing communication skills to enable the children to express their thoughts and feelings fluently & in a confident manner.